Women For Sobriety Center, Inc.
P.O.Box 7993
Mission Hills, CA 91346


Women for Sobriety Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles California. We are a community based transitional sober living home that provides housing and supportive services to a vastly underserved population and members of the community. Since 1991 Women for Sobriety Center, Inc. has helped change the lives of hundreds of women and women with children who are recovering from alcoholism, substance abuse, mental illness including women who were released from prison/institutions and homeless women. Our program focuses on relapse prevention, intervention and teaches life skills that are needed for women to live successful sober lives.

Women for Sobriety Center, Inc. is under the direction of Shirley Harris. Ms. Harris is a program and addiction specialist with over twenty-five years experience working with women and children in health and human services. Ms. Harris herself is a member of the recovery community. Shirley and her staff are dedicated to the mission of providing a safe sober living environment and supportive services for women who are serious about their recovery.



Women for Sobriety Center, Inc. believes in providing a safe-haven for the recovering woman as she integrates all aspects of life into recovery including family, work and personal relationships.



Our goals are to aid women and women with children in their recovery by providing a structured home environment where mistakes are used as teaching tools to deal with the daily pressures of life without feeling lost or alone and to provide women and their families with the resources that support them in maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.